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Amo-san’s June

Jun. 30, 2018 File No. 41 

Today’s the end of June! Which means, the world is hollering for the World Cup!
Unfortunately, on our side of the story, Amo-san has been sick.
There are two sides to this incident. The first one is that Amo-san’s right forearm was swollen. The other thing is that he became traumatized by the earthquake that occurred on the 18th.

First off, we would like to mention Amo-san’s swollen forearm. Recently, he began to lick his right forearm, or he would walk briskly when we take him out for one.
Thus, we wondered what’s wrong with him. We figured out that his paw was swollen.

Shiba Inu’s swollen forearm Shiba Inu’s swollen forearm

According to a nearby veterinarian, the wound had festered. Since the wound is difficult to self-heal, we got an antibiotic ointment and pills subscribed.
The ointment must be applied before every meal so Amo-san doesn’t lick his paw.
Even if he did, there seems to be no problem.
The pills, however, are a powder type, so we have to mix it with the meal.

Next, we would like to talk about Amo-san’s trauma.
On the day of the big earthquake, he was in North Osaka, so the impact was very massive for him.
He developed symptoms of being afraid of quakes and sounds.
He was diagnosed with PTSD.
Other symptoms may inculde his tail drooping down, heavy breathing, shivers, pestering for hugs, and hiding under the desk.
Here is Amo-san hiding under the desk.

Shiba Inu with PTSD because of earthquake Shiba Inu’s Amo-san hiding under the desk

Here is more evidence of Amo-san’s symptoms.

(Side Note: Please be careful of the volume.)

When things are worse, we take Amo-san to a quiet place to rest in. As days pass by, he became much better.

Late June, both Amo-san’s wound and trauma went away, so we didn’t have to worry.
This is Amo-san sleeping at our workshop on the 28th.

Shiba Inu’s Amo-san relaxing at his usual place

Thank you for reading.

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