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Apr. 15, 2017 File No. 10

This time, we would like to introduce Tamon-san, our predecessor dog whose death anniversary was on March 15th, which was last month. We picked him up from animal shelter when he was two months old, and he has lived up to be fifteen and a half years old ( no pedigree ).

These three pictures are of Tamon-san from last year.

Shibainu's Tamon Shibainu's Tamon Shibainu's Tamon

For the past few dogs, we were purchasing mature stray dogs from pet shops, but our predecessor, Tamon-san, was a fine dog, and since we wanted a Shiba Inu just like him, we luckily had Amo-san into our family from his breeder.

Here is a chart of Tamon-san versus Amo-san.

Tamon-san VS Amo-san
He was fairly and equally kind to animals, especially small creatures. He loves to chase and hunt for cats and pigeons.
He was slow at running and cannot catch objects in the air. He was already an athlete at forty days old and is good at frisbee and catching balls.
He was modest and humble when it comes to food. However, he ate and ate to survive, but he kept on being thinner and thinner on the year he died. He doesn’t really have interest in his everyday dog food, but when it comes to snacks, he’s on!
We didn’t have to domesticate him that much so all we said was, “Sit!” and, “Paw!” He is good at the sitting, paw touching twice, ducking, crawling, stretching, and the catching techniques.
Facial Traits
He was a raccoon faced dog and he was hand some with his tiny round eyes. He is fox shaped and sharp, but not really that handsome.
He had a regularly big body. He has a slightly small body ( still developing ) and has only few muscles.
Unknown because he was raised at a nursery station. His grandfather was a super dog that won six certificates at a contest.

Both dogs may look the same, but their characteristics are different. There’s a saying that there’s a variety in the same species, but we never knew that it could be this different!

Shibainu's Tamon and Amon

Here is Amo-san sleeping next to Tamon-san’s grave.

Today, we have brought to you our predecessor, Tamon-san, which we met coinci-dentally, had been modeling for stationeries and general goods, and have made everyone smile.
Thank you for reading until the end of this article.

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