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Shiba Dog's Amo-san

Shiba Inu's Amo-san’s Favorites

Sep. 28, 2017 File No. 19

Today we would like to show Amo-san’s favorite food and goods.

Let’s start with the food!

Amo-san usually eats Orijen Adult Dog’s frozen food made in Canada.
We serve this to him as a main dish with boiled meat and mix it with snacks made by a company called d.b.f that we will introduce later on this article.
You can purchase this on Amazon.

Orijen Adult Dog’s frozen food Orijen Adult Dog’s frozen food

Amo-san’s favorite snack is Achille’s Stick. The ingredient is chicken tendon meat, and it is in fact a munchy treat.
You can purchase these at department stores such as Konan or by mail.

Achille’s Stick

Another example of Amo-san’s favorite are snacks produced by d.b.f. There are five flavors ( cartilage jerky, breast cut, liver cut, gizzard cut, and chicken tender cut ), they are all domestic products, and they’re all in small packs. We feed these to him when we want to domesticate him. Since there are lots of flavors, he won’t get tired of eating these snacks.

Snacks produced by a company called d.b.f. Snacks produced by a company called d.b.f.

Next, we would like to introduce some goods for walking.

The leash we’re using is Flexi, made in Germany. The leash is elastic, so we can enjoy our walk at a wide space. Also, we don’t have to pull him all around so it’s not that stressful. When we go to a place where it’s crowded, we can use a shorter leash made in Japan.

Flexi, Leash

This is a free hand strap from RALLOC.
When we wear this on our wrist, it’s convenient for us even if we let go of the leash.
RALLOC products can be purchased at Amazon.

RALLOC, Free hand strap Flexi and RALLOC Flexi and RALLOC

<Bonus Track: Amo-san’s Daily Basis>

This is Amo-san lying down on the grass.

Shiba inu, Amo-san, lying down on the grass

Thanks for reading!

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