Shiba Inu's Amo-san
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Shiba Dog's Amo-san

Intro to Shiba Inu's Amo-san!

Oct. 17, 2016 File No. 3

Say you visit our blog and you’ll probably wonder, “Why is there a dog in the top banner?” Well, today we would like to introduce him!

The name is Amo-san! He’s a male Shiba Inu. The picture on the left hand side of the banner Amo-san at fifty days old. The picture on the right is Amo-san at six months old and we took it last month. We were surprised at how much he had developed over the past four months!

When Amo-san first came to our company, he immediately got used to our staffs and he looked so happy. He visits us about three times a week, so he’s kind of like a parttime staff. As a part-time dog, he provides service and greets people from rural areas.

You’ll probably be surprised like,”You have a dog at your workshop?” In Japan, but there are lots of cases where it’s common to have pets allowed in workshops overseas. Our company has a casual environment, so we can do our jobs by being healed by Amo-san.

An example of a benefit of having Amo-san around is when we get up for work. When we feel heavy in the morning, we think of Amo-san and motivare ourselves.
Since there are employees who love dogs or who have even raised one before, we are healed by Amo-san everyday.

We will keep posting articles about Amo-san.
Thanks for reading!

Shiba Inu's Amo-san

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