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Autumn, Sports, and Shiba Inu's Amo-san

Oct. 17, 2017 File No. 20 

It’s October, which is an awesome time for sports, isn’t it? Well, as for Amo-san, he’s always into sports.
Besides frisbees, he’s recently starting to like more toys, such as basketball, soccer ball, volley ball, and some small balls.
(Side Note: There is a video about it. Please enjoy.)

This is Amo-san playing at the riverbed near Nishiyodogawa Ward in Osaka City. The place was wide enough to run around and play.

Shiba inu, Amo-san, and basketball Shiba inu, Amo-san, and soccer ball Shiba inu, Amo-san, chasing frisbee

This is Amo-san being enthusiastic to catch the frisbee.

Shiba inu, Amo-san, catching the ball

Here is Amo-san catching the ball in the air.

Shiba inu, Amo-san, chasing volley ball Shiba inu, Amo-san, drinking water

Here we have Amo-san drinking water during some exercise.

(Side Note: Please be careful of the volume.)

For YouTube, visit here.

Please visit here for the article about Amo-san and his frisbees. Please take a look.

Thanks for reading!

Shiba inu, Amo-san, taking a rest

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