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Cherries and Orchids

Apr. 30, 2019 File.66

Since the Heisei Era brought its end as of April 30th, we celebrated its ending by planting three species of cherry trees and some orchids.
First of all, we would like to introduce the Someiyoshino. Someiyoshinos are known to be hard to plant due to its rapid growth. We can see hope within the future for the young tree.

Young plant of Someiyoshino

Second, we have the Yoko. We had a discount when we purchased the plant because some blossoms withering. There were only few that survived.

Yoko in potted plant

Last but not least, the Kikushidare. There were many buds that seemed to be ready to bloom this year.

Kikushidare in potted plant

The trio sure has some potential, doesn’t it?

Someiyoshino, Yoko, Kikushidare Someiyoshino, Yoko, Kikushidare

We changed pots to bigger ones concerning Yoko and Kikushidare, and from a sack concerning Someiyoshino.

Here are the three resin pots…

Pretty big resin pot made in Japan

and three ceramic pots a size bigger, and very heavier.

Large ceramic pot, Deroma®, made in Italy

This fancy pot is said to be made in Italy.

Ceramic pot, Deroma®

The first step is to set the pots to a designated area.

Ceramic pot, Deroma®

Once the setting is complete, we place a net.

Ceramic pot, Deroma® and net

We then pour planting stones.

Ceramic pot, Deroma® and planting stone

After that, we fit in the resin pot into the ceramic one. It is easier to plant with two pots overlapping.

Resin pot into the ceramic one

Then we place a net again…

Resin pot and net

and pour the stones in.

Resin pot and planting stone

Now, our next step is to spread the blue sheet…

Dirt and Akadama soil for cherry

and mix the dirt up.

Mixed dirt and Akadama soil for planting cherry

We then pour the dirt in the pot…

Dirt and resin pot

and decide which tree goes in which pot.

Changing the pot for Kikushidare

We decided to place the Kikushidare in the middle because the stem was bent.

Three cherries in the pots

By the way, Amo-san came to see the young cherries from his walk.

Shiba Inu’s Amo-san and three cherries in the pots

The trees had to be straightened properly because the stems were too thin.

Cherry supported by gardening pillar

The Kikushidare was the first to proudly bloom as of late April!

Kikushidare bloomed in pot

Even though the north side of our company is shady, the Someiyoshino and the Yoko never gave up.

Flower of Kikushidare and young leaves of Someiyoshino and Yoko

We will keep you informed if there are any changes to the cherry trees.

The Orchids

We sometimes receive orchids as presents when something happy happens. This year, we received eleven bouquets and all eleven of them were lovely!

Usually, we decorate the orchids inside the office, but we thought it was wonderful to take a photo at the rooftop on a sunny, windless day.

Wonderful orchids at the rooftop of our office, Ditech Ltd. Wonderful orchids at the rooftop of our office, Ditech Ltd. Wonderful orchids at the rooftop of our office, Ditech Ltd.

Can you see Amo-san?

Shiba Inu’s Amo-san and Orchids Shiba Inu’s Amo-san and Orchids Shiba Inu’s Amo-san and Orchids

This will be our final article of Heisei, but don’t worry! We will keep you posted on new articles!

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