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Shiba Dog's Amo-san

Amo-san Swims (Part I)

Sep. 13, 2018 File No. 46 

Since Amo-san is good at sports, we bought him a pool set made by INTEX on July.

He was interested the moment the pool set arrived.

Amo-san is interested in the pool set arrived

We were busy as of July, so we started setting the pool on August.

The rim of the pool is ninety centimeters, so we first built a slope so Amo-san can easily get in and out of the pool. Even though we’re a manufacturing company, it’s our first time to ever build a pool!

Our materials are; thirteen red pine ceiling joists (35*35*2000), five cedar roofing boards (12*150*2000), and two red pine furring strips (16*40*2985). In total, they cost four thousand yen.

Stuffs for wooden slope

We didn’t use any nails, screws, nor hardware because we want to store and build the slopes easily.

First, we trace the joints with pencil.

Marking with pencil on parts for wooden slope

Then, we cut the wood with a handsaw. If we cut too much, the pieces won’t fit together, so we cut the bumps bigger and slighty adjust them with a chisel.

Stuffs for wooden slope

The bridge is connected dovetail style.

dovetail style for wooden slope dovetail style for wooden slope

We then cut a 13*7 tenon on the slides and inside the ceiling joint of the bridge. Then, we connect the roofing board.

Roofing board for wooden slope

The next step is to prevent expansion and slipping down by two dovetails at the base and five dovetails at the stepping slide.

D. I. Y. for wooden slope

Finally, we lightly hit the joints and we’re finished!

Wooden slope completed by D. I. Y.

Before we let Amo-san into the pool, we needed to train him so he could get used to the slopes.

Shiba Inu’s Amo-san with wooden slope

Amo-san sure is interested in the slopes!

Shiba Inu’s Amo-san is interested in wooden slope

At first, Amo-san refused to walk up the slopes, but he got used to it and he enjoyed the fun.

Shiba Inu’s Amo-san run up on wooden slope

Here is a video of Amo-san and the slopes.

(Side Note: Please be careful of the volume.)

For YouTube, click here.

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