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Amo-san’s New Year Card

Jan 01, 2018 File No. 32

Shiba Inu, Amo-san, sitting on cushion with the hakama

Happy 2018! Greetings to you too!

Since this year is the year of the dog, our New Year’s card will feature Amo-san in it. Here is how the card looks like.

Ditech’s New Year card in 2018

This is the card printed.

Shiba Inu, Amo-san, in New Year card because of Year of the dog

The New Year’s card looks glorious thanks to our part time dog. This picture of him was taken a year ago.

Due to Amo-san’s development, he could no longer wear his hakama from last year.
That’s why we bought him a new one. Here is a comparison of the old one ( left ) and the new one ( right. )

Comparison of the hakama for dogs

The one on the left is large sized but the body part is a little tight. On the contrary, this year’s hakama is a perfect fit for Amo-san as it is size 2L. Both are purchased online, and both have velcro on.

Black hakama for dogs Black hakama for dogs   Front and Back

Now, let’s compare Amo-san then ( left ) and now ( right. )

Growth of Shiba Inu, Amo-san, in a year

Amo-san has developed quite a lot for the past year. ( Side Note: You may also refer to file 6 (The New Year’s With Shiba Inu's Amo-san) and file 7 (God Ebisu and Shiba Inu's Amo-san) for more details about last year. )

Shiba Inu, Amo-san, watching camera closely with the hakama Shiba Inu, Amo-san, with the hakama Shiba Inu, Amo-san, wearing the hakama with a beautiful posture.

See how cool Amo-san is?

Shiba Inu, Amo-san, with the hakama looking from back

The backside looks neat as well. His black tail is a perfect match with the hakama.

Cushion in orange color for pets.

This is a cushion for pets seen at the top banner and the photo down below. It costs three hundred yen.

Shiba Inu, Amo-san, relaxing with the hakama and cushion on the tatami flooring

We changed the background to the tatami floorings so it would match well with Amo-san, his hakama, and his cushion. He’s in his relaxing position.


We took a photo of Mt. Fuji and posted it as our web’s background since we went to Shizuoka for a business trip last year.

New Year version of Ditech’s web site

This background is available only for January.

Thanks for reading!

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